The Craft Fair Booth

By Deb Schwartzkopf

Taking artwork to market is a huge task.

There are so many choices... Which art fair, what booth, how many lights, what should signage say and more.

And there are so many things that are unchosen... Art fair acceptance, weather, location of the booth within the fair, neighboring artists, how level the ground is, where you get to park, and hours required for participation.  

When I first designed an art fair booth I had a hard time finding information or images of booths all in one place to compare to.  So, after many years of thinking about it, I have accumulated a few images to share with you.  Each image is labeled with the artist name and their website.  Please visit their personal pages to learn more about their work. And I will be adding to this collection over time!

The image of my booth is last.  I use ProPanels for the walls and ladders. I cut the wooden shelves to fit the booth ladders.  The tables and risers I made myself with my dad at his wood shop. The rugs are from IKEA. The lights are not the newest ones I have...  a better choice than is pictured is getting a track & LED track lights from Home Depot and zip-tying it to the cross bar. Less wattage and easier installation at set up.

I use a PayPal chip reader, have a mailing list on hand. The signage I use is high res images mounted and laminated on foam core board at Staple's. It is still a work in progress!  Every year presents new challenges.  And that is half the fun!

Deborah Schwartzkopf

Rat City Studios is the workspace of Deborah Schwartzkopf, Seattle based studio potter and instructor. Her mission is to engage and build community through clay – one person, one neighborhood, and one experience at a time. In service to this pursuit, she offers studio assistant positions for emerging artists, connects people through social events, instructs classes and workshops, and maintains a lively career in the ceramic arts!

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