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Our little classroom is well equip and our classes are full of fun! ( Learn More… )

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Would you like a full set or just a place setting for two? You may choose from several styles and colors! Let us know you preferences for your handmade dishes. ( Learn More… )

Studio Assistant Applications Due May 1st!

This is a work-trade agreement. Assist Deb Schwartzkopf in exchange for studio space & guidance in a variety of topics involving succeeding as a professional artist, best studio practices, and clay working techniques.  This is an opportunity to work with an active artist and to apply this information in a hands-on manner.  Have one foot in the real world of supporting yourself and receive support from this vibrant community.  Over time, take in the cycles and challenges of making a living as a working artist. ( Learn More… )

More About RCS!

Rat City Studios began as Deb Schwartzkopf’s drive to have a personal studio where she could make work and hold workshops.  As she mentored assistants it became clear that they needed a space to invest time in their individual artistic practice. In 2013, Deb purchased her home and studio in West Seattle. Rat City Studios has now evolved into a communal clay establishment. It is home to Deb’s production pottery studio, communal pottery education classroom, 3 semiprivate artist assistant studios, and 3 artist rental/ visiting artist studios/ transitional spaces. Through these endeavors, people are brought together to connect with each other and feed their creativity.

Join the Rat Race!

To the left is a clip of the studio and the people who make it the fabulous place it is. Follow our YouTube Channel for more clips!