Community Cup Showcase 2018

October was an exciting month featuring the opening of our first annual Community Cup Showcase at Dubsea Coffee. Present and past assistants, students, and friends of Rat City Studios were invited to send in cups to shown and sell. The cups were installed in a local and beloved coffee shop in an effort to highlight the handmade object, and to reach the surrounding community of White Center where Rat City Studios calls home.

Community Cup Show
Rat City Cup Show

The organization of the entire show was a community effort. Deb’s father made the shelves using a CNC mill at his place of employment. Our assistants worked hard to sand and stain the shelves, and a wonderful group of folks sent in almost 200 cups to fill all the spaces. The shelves were crafted to fit together in a grid pattern with 5.5” x 5.5” spaces. With only a size restriction we were sent in an incredible variety of cups, further highlighting the possibilities that clay has to offer.

Rat City Studios
Rat City Studio

Seeing people interact with the cups at the opening, and while visiting to get my morning coffee every once in a while during the duration of the show, was such a fulfilling experience. At RCS we are excited to grow our relationship with another small business in our neighborhood, and establish a yearly show. I am already looking forward to all the new cups next year!

This will be a yearly exhibition in October in conjunction with National Clay Week. In 2019 Proletariat Pizza will also be hosting a platter show and there will be a small symposium with topics on creativity and skill building for artists at the Greenbridge Community Center. Stay tuned!

Dubsea Cup Show