Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour with the Tilth Alliance!

Tilth Alliance

Saturday, August 18, 2018 

This event is organized by the Tilth Alliance
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Tilth Alliance

Seattle is a national hot spot for chicken coops and urban farms! This is your chance to visit folks who are keeping chickens and creating unique and inspiring urban farms.

On Saturday, Aug. 18, glean great ideas from creative neighbors who are incorporating animals and gardens into their home landscapes. In this self-guided tour, you will see simple chicken coops built in an afternoon and elaborate finely-crafted coops that took weeks of planning and building.

See what's needed for keeping miniature goats, ducks, mason bees, honey bees and rabbits. There are sites all around Seattle. Enjoy a unique and inspiring urban adventure!

Coop Tour

Tilth Alliance has been hosting this event, or a version of it, since 1999.

The main attraction Rat City Studios offers  is the tour are the critters and garden!  We are pleased to have honey bee hives and chickens in our small ecosystem! Take a gander and look at the raised beds, trellised edibles, perennials, and chicken coop!  See how the worm bin and rain collection systems work. Check out the mason bee houses, baby fruit trees, perennial garden, shade garden, rain garden and more!

Rat City Studios
MAson Bee House By Deb Schwartzkopf

MAson Bee House By Deb Schwartzkopf

Add color to your garden and home year round with handmade pottery, sculpture, garden ornaments, and more!  We have special handmade art work offered for sale from artists working at Rat City Studios.  Take home a one-of-a-kind cup or garden ornament to remember your tour day with.  Coffee tastes better in a handmade cup!