Safety in the Studio:

We believe in careful, responsible use of materials.

Here is a list of resources about creating a healthy studio environment.
If you know of other links that would add to the list, please send them our way. 

Sustainable Ceramics: A Practical Approach by Robert Harrison-
This book covers all the factors to consider when going 'green', from fuels and alternative firing technology to energy-saving methods, sustainable ways to collect and use clay itself, and ways to deal with or recycle waste materials and save water. He suggests simple and achievable methods by which to reduce the carbon footprint of ceramic art, and draws on interviews and examples throughout by practitioners who reclaim, reuse and recycle in their studio or work.  Sustainable Ceramics is an essential resource for any ceramicist, studio or school looking for ideas on how to reduce the impact of their practice on the environment. 

Green Task Force- Active at NCECA Conferences!

Washington, King County, Local Hazardous Waste Management: Art Hazards Studio Visits

The State University of New York (SUNY) has written an extensive set of guidelines for the Oneonta Ceramics Program.

Goshen College has guidelines for how to clean and work with less clay dust

Here’s a link to Clay Times health and safety reference guide

A.C.T.S. has a good 7 page datasheet you can send away for. Ask them if they have any others related to ceramics. Here’s the link to order them.

Here’s a fascinating article in about an artist’s claims of cobalt poisoning. Note that the artist was primarily working with cobalt in aqueous solutions and that he had a down-draft kiln.

The Center for Disease control did an evaluation of exposures at a pottery shop. Here’s a link to their report.

Finally, here’s a nice summary of the toxicity of ceramic materials. I’m unsure of how old it is...

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: CVPA Health and Safety 

Dealing with Dust: DigitalFire Reference Database