Studio Membership at Rat City Studios

Studio memberships are a new offering at Rat City Studios.  There are six monthly access memberships filled at the moment. If you would like to be considered as we increase offerings, please be able to meet to following qualities listed below. There is no required length of commitment to the membership. There will be a waitlist. Timely monthly payment of dues keep your membership current.  These will be sent via PayPal invoice to your email. This is a new offering and will need tweaking over time. Changes to the membership will be brought to your attention.  

 If there are other things you wish access to, I am interested in developing this offering to fit the needs of the community.  Please open a conversation about your thoughts. Email is probably the best way. Thanks!

Requirements for Consideration for the Memberships available

·       You must have taken two classes in the past at RCS and come to 80% of the classes

·       You must have shown your ability to work independently

·       You must have shown your ability to clean up after yourself and contribute to the studio

·       Clay must be purchased from the studio at $25 a bag.
Your firings and in-house glazes are included with your monthly fee this.

·       If you want to use your own clay you may have membership for $145 a month. No more than one full medium kiln worth of work per month at this rate. And you may only use na approved, light colored clay.

·       New members will be accepted based on space, waitlist order, the quality of the artwork, and the community involvement of the applicant.

·       Invoiced monthly = $120 a monthly

·       Payment must be made by the 15th of the month. Your timely payment holds your access as a member of RCS. You will loose your place as a member if payment is late.

·       You will be invoiced the 1st of the month for the following month.  Payment must be made by the 15th.  (therefore you will have about 2 weeks to make payment). IE… You will be billed September 1st to make payment on your October dues.  Payment must be made by September 15th to keep your membership for the month of October.  If payment is not made, your space will go to the next person on the waitlist.

You receive
·       Your work will be processed with class firings, which you may look up on the studio calendar in the classroom or chalkboard for the schedule/ notifications.

·       Access to the studio. Studio access hours 9am-9:30pm
Limitations- No practice hours during other classes, events, or studio maintenance dates.

·       Invitations to members only study-halls (arranged by members). You will be taking part in a vibrant clay community! We look forward to working with you.