Please fill out all the following form fields.  Carefully read the directions to submit all the requested information correctly. You will not be able to edit your application once your submit it.  Please only submit one time. 

Consider preparing written sections on a word document, and then cutting and pasting them into place after they are completely edited to your liking.  Your website listing is where I will view your images, artist statement, bio, and any other supporting information you offer. You will receive a confirmation after submitting your application.

After reviewing all the applications I will schedule skype interviews with a selected group.  There will be further steps to help me narrow in on the accepted candidate.  These may include second interviews,  in depth conversations with your professional references, sending me a newsletter via Mailchimp, or other project career based rigors.

Step One: Offer your $20 Application Fee Here. 
Step Two: Fill out the form below.

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Include a your website URL. I want to see a minimum of 10 images of recent, finished work with captions. Also include artist statement, biography, and resume information. This is the bare minimum. I also hope to see that you are engaged in promoting yourself through process images, social media links, and/ or involvement in your community! Your website will give me a taste of your sense of design and how you represent yourself professionally. I hope to see an in-depth, well tended expression of your work and interests.
1000 words max. What are two specific goals you intend to accomplish while here at Rat City Studios?
500 Words Max. What would you consider your biggest professional accomplishment to date? Your biggest professional failure?
500 Words Max. Why do you think you’re well-suited for the position as a studio assistant at Rat City Studios?
Please list three professional references. Include their current Name, Phone Number & Email Contacts. Please share with us how you are affiliated.
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The $20 Application Fee will be pooled and split equally between the selected applicants. This will serve as a small assistance as they move into their new studio at Rat City Studios.