Studio Stretches Routine:

by Tilly Troelstrup

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How to stretch your canvass. No, that’s not a typo. This a description for a post I wrote about the importance of stretching... is not about the kind of canvas on one of the studio tables you own. This is about another canvas, your body.  Incase you’re disappointed, here’s a link for how to stretch the other canvas, too!

This routine takes only a few minutes and of course can take longer if you’d like. None of these require that you get on the ground but instead attempt to create the same stretch but off the ground. Rather than focusing on the length of the routine, focus on doing each stretch well. Sometimes we can’t convince ourselves to break for 5-10 minutes, I totally get that! Instead, just pick one or two of the stretches and do them to the best of your ability. Every little bit really counts and will help you return to your work refreshed and prepared to give it your best. 

I’m not an expert, just a health enthusiastic and maker. In order to get the most out of my time in the studio I really have to listen to my body, but sometimes it’s tough to know what it’s telling me. Truthfully, It’s hard to convince myself that a stretch session in the morning/during my studio work will wake me up and better prepare me for my days ahead of me. But, (drum roll) it will!  

Arrow through the descriptive images and start your new in-studio stretch routine!