Professional Development Seminars at Rat City Studios

Location: 2410 SW 106th Street, Seattle, WA 98146

Do you have questions about the next step in your career as an artist working in clay? Come join in the conversation at Rat City Studios! Topics will range from portfolio development (bio, statement, resume), creating a newsletter, exhibiting your work, making an artist presentation, marketing, how to make a process handout, critique of artwork, how to lead a workshop, and building website in squarespace.  I will give a presentation each evening that will be the starting point for questions and comments. Build camaraderie and find support at whatever stage in your career you find yourself.

If you have interest, make sure you are on the mailing list for announcement of upcoming seminars

Can you SEE your work?
I will give a presentation on the art of critique.  Some people call this giving feedback and others sighting.   Mentorship can be a good place to receive feedback from. Some of us have only the harsh critic in our heads. How do you get and receive feedback?  How can you learn to take steps towards your goals by receiving others' feedback?  How can you step back from your own work and learn to dissect what you see for yourself?  Bring one piece of finished artwork to the seminar to use in group exercises (This should be easy to carry. no larger than 12" x 12" please).

Designing at Artist Statement
Come talk about what an artist statement is.  Are the words you are sharing about your work for a gallery, your website, your solo show or maybe even for a job application. How can you convee your ideas on paper.  We are going to talk about this and come to some conclusions. Bring 12 copies of your artist statement.  If you do not have one yet, give it your best shot. Write down what you want people to see in your work.  Write why you are using clay, the colors you employ or what the texture means to you.  Write about where you want your to belong. 

We will trade statements and give feedback to each other after first thinking about what we want to get from this writing. This is a place to grow a new statement or refine one you have been working on for a while!