Rat City Studios: Building Community Through Clay!

Rat City Studios is the workspace of Deborah Schwartzkopf, Seattle based studio potter and instructor. Her mission is to engage and build community through clay – one person, one neighborhood, and one experience at a time. In service to this pursuit, she offers studio assistant positions for emerging artists, connects people through social events, instructs classes and workshops, and maintains a lively career in the ceramic arts!

Rat City Studios is a residential home property.  The day-light basement of her home hold her workspace, two rental studios, kitchenette, packing-and-shipping room and a shop bathroom. A covered kiln and outdoor project area separates these two buildings. Surrounding them all are green spaces holding raised beds, beehives, chickens, pizza oven, fire-ring, and perennial gardens. 

Emerging artists join in a yearlong studio assistant position, trading their time for studio space where art making, daily living and experiential learning fuse. Adult 10-week clay classes and occasional workshops bring together people to learn to work with clay and professional development.  Rat City Studios participates in open studio and urban farm tours.  Through all of these endeavors people are brought together to connect with each other and feed their creativity.

Join the Rat Race!

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