Reserve a Raku Party

Get a taste of the ceramic process!  Bring your group to Rat City Studios and experience clay and fire.
This is a fun adventure to have as a party or as a team outing. 
Chase the Rainbow!


Book a Private Raku Party at Rat City Studios


The Basics: Find a group that wants to have a grand time together! Reserve for your group (minimum 6 people) an afternoon party at the studio in West Seattle.  Expect to be here 3-4 hours.  Wear clothing that can get dirty. The studio will supply the planter to glaze, glaze to add to the surface, and light snacks and water. Take home a planter that you glazed and watched come out of a glowing hot kiln. Be prepared to be surprised!  

Fee is $50 per person, with a discount for groups over 10.
50% of the total fee is due two weeks before the event.  This is non-refundable. Please only make a reservation is your group is committed to the date and time of the event!  We look forward to working with you!

Email reservation questions by clicking the button to the right (takes you to the contact page form)...

A group organizer is responsible for pre-arranging the Raku-Party for your group.  
This includes setting the date with the group.  
Gathering the non-refundable reservation hold fee (50% of the total cost) from the participants
Dispersing information to the participants about participation (supplemented by Ceramistas Seattle)

The Party will begin promptly at the designated time
Please arrive promptly so we can give instruction to everyone at the same
We will not be able to finish if we start late.  Firing the kiln takes time!

The RAKU Process!

Step One: Glazing the Surface
First you will choose from three surface/ color options for your planter (which we provide). You will receive instruction on how to apply glazes/ or surface treatment your selected planter either by brushing on or dipping on the glaze.  


Step Two: Firing the Planters
Then we will stack the pots in the kiln and heat the kiln up really HOT.  The anticipation builds as we all wait for that final moment when the intense heat begins to melt the raku glazes and create a finished surface. 

Step Three: Fast Cooling
The planters will then be removed from the kiln at bright red heat and be rushed to metal containers of combustible materials.  We use mostly newspaper or staw...  This ignites from the heat of the planter.  We quickly put a lid on the can and wait.  This process of combustion and then air reduction blackens raw clay and causes fun, unpredictable glaze surfaces.

Step Four: Unloading and Cleaning
Many surprises await as you clean the surface and reveal the wonders of raku pottery. This Western raku firing process has a huge draw for many potters because of its immediacy, excitement, and unpredictability. 

Step Five: Take Your Planter Home!
Fill up your planter with your favorite annual or perennial flowers as  beautiful accent to your garden. The RAKU Party is a fabulous way spend time with a group of people and enjoying a fun filled day.

The reservation purchase fee is Non-Refundable.
The purchase amount does not carry over to any goods or services should you miss the event.