AMA: Professional Development Seminar Series


AMA: Professional Development Seminar Series


AMA (Ask Me Anything): Professional Development Topics
Take a closer look at the business side of your art practice. Join Deb Schwartzkopf for projects and conversations revolving around Professional Development for Ceramic Artists. We will meet once a month for three consecutive months. Each meeting is on a Sunday from 5:30-7:00pm at Dubsea Coffee in White Center. Each session is limited to 10 participants, and your non-refundable purchase holds your space in the seminar. Each session will have a structured project and open question time at the end.  This is a time to “Ask Me Anything” and create dialogue with fellow artists around the topic.

Develop aspects of your portfolio and ask questions about the business side of making art. Facilitated conversations will encourage you to meet others and share your artwork in an engaging and informative way. Think about promotion, practice talking about your artwork, and grow your skills.


October: 3rd  Sunday the 27th  

Let’s talk about how to share our art. Bring 11 copies of the items listed below.  Give and receive feedback on them from the group. Bring your questions for discussion.

·       Biographies

·       Artist Resumes

·       Artist Statements

·       Art Business: Open Question Time


November: 3rd Sunday the 17th

How do people find out about your work? Can people recognize your “brand” across multiple communication avenues? What ways of getting your work out there are working the best, and what are a few you may not have thought of?

·       Elevator Pitch – What do you do in three sentences

·       Writing a Newsletter

·       Social Media

·       Art Business: Open Question Time

3rd Sunday the 15th

 Name your “Pie in the sky” dream.  Then participate in simple exercises to break this down into actionable steps. What do you want other to see in your work or business? Be ready to share your insights and dig a little deeper! 

·       Mapping goals/ Breaking dreams down into actionable steps

·       Bring a single Art Project/ finished pottery form to get others viewpoint on. Be ready to receive and participate by sharing what you see as well. Please limit the size of your work to 15” x 15” x 15”.

10 available
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