To Do list
Get bisque images of each form

Get color images of each form-

Determine colors shown- Amber, brown/green, red/black, blue/green, white/rose,
Determine swatches offered- red, yell/or, chartz, metallic
Determine interior colors offered- yellow/or, white, light grey, green grey other?
Determine foot colors offered- pink, chartz, yellow/or


Make order form
Make Offerings Sheet

Name? serve handmade club, tableware tableau,


Description of pottery-

Dishwasher safe, but handle with care…

Like glass, this will break if handled roughly, bumped, or dropped.
No metallics in the microwave

No fast heating- ie. stove top or hot oven or toaster oven


Plate of the Month Subscription:

The first order must be paid one month ahead of time. (This acts as a down payment and is non-refundable). All subscriptions there after will be billed on the 1st of the month with delivery by the 15th of each month. Your card will be set up on file with Square-up and will be invoiced on the 1st. Cancelation must be made 30 days in advance of billing. Minimum of four months must be scheduled to join.  Every 5th consecutive order/ delivery will receive 10% collector’s discount. (This only applies to the listed forms below).

Would you like a full set of dinnerware? Spread out the cost over months by joining the Plate of the Month Club. A dose of the good life delivered right to your doorstep.
It could be a gift that gives through out the year.

Select if you want a single piece or a full setting.
Select your colors.
Select the size of the plate/ bowls/ cups
And wait for them to consistently arrive on your doorstep!

Prepay your first selection by the 1st of the month. 
Receive your selection  the month beginning in August.

Items to Select From

Large Plate- Circular $85 Diameter 11”
Large Plate- Triangular $85 Diameter 10”

Medium Plate- Circular $80 Diameter 9”
Medium Plate- Triangular $75 Diameter 8”

Small Plate- Circular $55 Diameter 7”
Medium Plate- Triangular $55 Diameter 6”

Large Bowl- $60  7” diameter
Medium Bowl- $55 6” diameter
Small Bowl- $50 4.5” diameter
Tiny Bowl- $45 2.5” diameter


Mug- $75 Curve in or Curve out
Whiskey Cup- $65 Tail or notch
Dessert Boat- $95 Asymmetrical/ squared with curls/ ovoid with criss-cross