The 2019 Community Cup Exhibition Invitation:

Rat City Studios is facilitating an exhibition at Dubsea Coffee in October of 2019 – “The Community Cup”.  Current and past students of 9-week classes, assistants and guest artists, and friends please join us in this fun event by adding your cup or cups to the showcase. We want to display the diversity of work happening in the area and people working (or who have worked).  This exhibition will take place the whole month of October coinciding with National Clay Week! This will be a yearly event that grows as Dubsea has granted us an October exhibition space for the coming years.  

Any type of cup is welcome. The shelving is a grid system. 
Each space is 5.5” x 5.5”.  Please send cups that will fit in this space.

Important Dates:

Email participation confirmation for the exhibition by September 1st 
If you email confirmation sooner we will highlight you on the RCS Instagram!

Drop-off or Mail  Cups! --- received by RCS September 15th at RCS ---
“Community Cup” c/o RCS, 2410 SW 106th Street, Seattle, WA 98146

Exhibition Dates October 1st - 31st
Reception Sunday October 6, 11am

Pick up at RCS November 5th-10th 
If your cups are not picked up, we reserve the right to donate them or absorb them into the studio

Checks mailed/ return work shipped November 15th, return shipping will be covered  by RCS for those who mail their work to the studio. If you drop off you cups, you must also pick them up.

 Participation Details

If you want your cup to be for sale…  (1-5 items please)
~  ONE Sticker inside cup: *** MUST INCLUDE ***
Price AND your first and last name
If it does not stick well, please add tape over it.
~  Include list/ an inventory of your work in the box with your name, price, materials, & technique used

Include your mailing address if you want to be paid : )
~  Consider putting small business cards in each cup.
~  A 35% Commission (25% Dubsea/ 10% RCS) will be taken | 65% to the artist.
~ Sales will be cash and carry- the cup will be taken at the point of sale and cups from the reserve will fill the space.
~  Deliver your pots in a box that can close and be stacked on. Pack your work well so that it  is prepared for car travel. RCS does not insure the cups during the exhibition. 

If you do not want your cup to be for sale… 
~  Sticker inside the cup: write NFS AND Add your first and last name.
If it does not stick well, please add tape.

~  Deliver you pots in a box that can close/ be stacked on and is prepared for car travel.
RCS does not insure the cups during the exhibition.

I am very excited to offer this opportunity and hope you will participate!
Wishing you the best,

Deb Schwartzkopf