Babirusa Tableware Line

Rat City Studios and Babirusa Restaurant are collaborating!  The goal is to support emerging artists working at Rat City Studios as Studio Assistants. A distinctive tableware line is being developed and made at RCS by the crew.  It will be used to serve the Babirusa Tasting Menu  (a chef-inspired, set six course experience). The tableware  is available for sale through Babirusa and all proceeds will go toward the Studio Assistant Funding Endeavor.

We are just in the preliminary developments of this wonderful project.  Please visit the restaurant and enjoy their tasty eats. Look forward to the Babirusa Tableware Line arriving at the restaurant May 20th!  

I will be giving an informational talk at the restaurant at 4pm May 20th.  Come by between 3-6pm and have a cocktail and try their delicious eats! Or come even earlier for Babirusa's Brunch!  11:30-3:00pm.
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If you would like to help support this project, please contact Deb Schwartzkopf via the Contact Page on this website.  Direct funds, purchase of clay, or other avenues of support are most welcome.  Please share our Studio Assistant Funding Endeavor!