Weekly Classes: 

I love to teach!  
There is nothing better than watching someone succeed and be excited about creating! Clay is a wonderful material.  Learning to work with it is fun, surprising and challenging.  Taking a workshop or class will help you meet people and get connected to your community. Please inquire with any questions through the Contact page.

Now Offering Weekly Clay Classes

Come enjoy a low-key, welcoming setting where you can learn about wheel throwing or hand building with clay.

Bring your ideas and together we will take the next step toward making them real in clay.  Whether you are interested in wheel throwing or hand building, join in and be excited about working with clay!  I will offer instruction helpful for both wheel throwing and hand builders alike during demos.  Get ready to build your tool box of tricks, have conversations about making it as an artist, and enjoy working in clay in a small, personalized setting. Click the button above for more details...


Seams for Altering

Seams for Altering