Professional Development Seminars at Rat City Studios

The last week of each month, Deb will host a seminar focusing on a different professional development topic.
June 26th 2017, 7-9pm will be the first one!

Location: 2410 SW 106th Street, Seattle, WA 98146
Coming Soon: LIVE STREAMING, stay tuned...

Purchase of the seminar is $20 and is non-refundable.
The in-person session and live stream session are each limited to 10 participants.

Do you have questions about the next step in your career as an artist working in clay? Come join in the conversation at Rat City Studios! Topics will range from portfolio development (bio, statement, resume), creating a newsletter, exhibiting your work, making an artist presentation, marketing, how to make a process handout, critique of artwork, how to lead a workshop, and building website in squarespace.  I will give a presentation each evening that will be the starting point for questions and comments. Build camaraderie and find support at whatever stage in your career you find yourself.

June's Topic is "Getting Your Work into the World"
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