Rat City Studios: Join the Rat Race!

Rat City Studios is located in White Center, WA and is the studio and home of, studio potter, Deb Schwartzkopf. She bought the space in 2013 and turned it into the community it is today: a haven for a small group of like-minded ceramic artists to make artwork and build relationships. Her mission is to build the community of artists working in clay through offering studio assistant positions for emerging artists working in clay.  She also aims to build the larger community through teaching clay classes, hosting social and educational events, and maintaining a lively career in the ceramic arts!

Within this creative atmosphere studio members support each other by sharing workspace and collective knowledge. As a group they often showcase their ceramic artwork at local venues. Drinking from a handmade cup is special and something everyone should experience!

Rat City Studios consists of a residential home property. Within this space there are with two studio work areas, a well-equipped kiln yard, and garden space.  Studio assistants join the studio through a year-long, work-trade agreement.  They offer their time helping with facility maintenance, and assist Deb with her work, for studio space. This is a professional exchange aimed at fusing experiential learning with the practice of art making.

Studio offerings vary; there are a range of options offered intermittently.  Sessions that meet for 10 consecutive weeks, intensive weekend workshops, one day topic seminars, and more.  Check the website tab LEARN for current options.

Further community building endeavors include Build or BUST (an invitational social-work time), their annual Annual Summer Party Potluck, participation in the Seattle Tilth Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour, & their Winter Studio Tour also open to the community in which Deb, studio assistants, and invited guests sell work and offer free technique based demonstrations to the public. 

They are excited to be part of Community!

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