One Day Workshop- August


One Day Workshop- August


One Day Altering Workshop at Rat City Studios

Date: Saturday, August 19th, 2017
Hours: Morning 9am-12:30   |   Lunch 12:30-1:00   |   Afternoon 1:00-5:00pm

Join this pottery making workshop at Rat City Studios. We are going to explore altering simple cylinders (wheel thrown or hand built) in this full day, hands-on clay workshop. We will use templates to cut and dart these sections into exciting non-round, expressive shapes. Change a static circle into a dynamic, asymmetrical, ovoid form. Add angles and dimension. Investigate possibilities of altering clay!

Your class fee of $95 will include one bag of JG Porcelain, which we will use during the workshop. Additional clay may be purchased. You may take the items you make home (there will not be a bisque firing). There will be handouts to take home and lots of ideas to help you continue your journey in clay. Infuse your studio practice with new techniques.  To get the most out of this class, you need to be able to readily throw or hand build a five inch tall cylinder or higher. Come ready to push the limits of what you know.  Build your clay working skills!

Sack lunch
Container/ plastic to bring greenware home in

TOOLS to Bring

Basic throwing/ hand building tools- Including metal and rubber ribs, cut off wire, wooden knife, needle tool, rasp or sure form, smoothing tools, small scoring tool, rolling pin, serrated rib
Banding wheel/ turntable- preferably a free spinning one/ Shimpo
Exacto knife (dull is imperative)- this is for cutting clay.  
Scotch brite pad- for smoothing the clay (just one will do)
Sketch Book/ pencil- for jotting down ideas and taking notes
Sponge- At least a small one for smoothing and getting extra water out of cylinders.  And a larger one for cleaning.
Towel- for wiping of your hands while working

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