Fall 2017, Tuesday Evening Class

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Fall 2017, Tuesday Evening Class


Join us for a 9-week Tuesday evening clay class at Rat City Studios.

All skill levels are welcome.
Classes meet from October 24th - December 19th

Your class fee of $325 includes one bag of clay.
After that they are an additional $25 each for 25# of clay
All purchases of classes are non-refundable.
Your registration through the website is what holds your place in the class.

Classes at Rat City Studios:
Instructed by Deb schwartzkopf and her studio assistants

Rat City Studios 2410 SW 106th Street, Seattle, WA 98146

Studio Clay is JG Cone 6 Porcelain, from Clay Art in Tacoma:
This is a cone six porcelain. Since it is a small studio we are going to stick to using a single clay body for classes.  You may buy clay from me for $25 a bag. (The first bag is included in your class fee). This fee includes glaze material and firing costs. A required tools list will be sent to you along with a studio guide near the start of your session.

This class will offer a wheel throwing, handbuilding, and surface design demos in every 2.5 class session. Class lessons will often have a theme.  For instance: Cups or Bottles. At other time it will be more study-hall style where help is given on individual projects and questions.

Studio Access. You are encouraged to practice during these hours.

Please arrive and leave within these designated open studio hours only. 
Please sign in and out at the door attendance sheet during working hours (except class)
This includes dropping by to pick things up or check on work.
Monday 9am- 9:00
Tuesday 9am-6:30pm (Class 7:00-9:30)
Wednesday 9am-6:30 (Class 7:00-9:30)
Thursday 9am-9:00pm
Friday 9am-9:00pm
Saturday 9am-9:00pm
Sunday 9am-9:00pm

Demonstrations for class benefit will start promptly at 7:15pm.
Please be completely cleaned up by 9:30pm on class days and 9:00pm during practice sessions. 

Questions during open studio hours?
Please endeavor to solve problems on your own and be prepared to work independently during open studio hours. There will often be people around the studio. Please try to ask your questions during class times.

Kiln Firings. We will do our best to fire your work promptly.  This means we fit your work into the kilns as soon as there is enough work to mostly fill a kiln up a class.  If you are making unusually shaped objects it might take longer.  Please limit the size of your work to 16” in any direction. Label your work with your name or chop. Students may not sign up for individual kilns.  Students may not unload or load kilns without the knowledge and direction of the instructor. This class is not meant to accommodate production work. It is meant as a learning facility.

Some glazes are provided at the studio. If you want to use something not available at the studio, please check with the instructor before you use it.

Parking. Please park perpendicular to the chain link fence along 106th Street. Rat City Studios is not responsible for the well being of your car or your belongings.  Leave valuables in the trunk or completely out of sight.  Park within the white stripe on the road as other drivers really speed down the hill at times. Do not block the mailboxes. Park up above the mailboxes please.

We look forward to working with you!
Move CLAY!

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Join us at Rat City Studios for Weekly Clay Classes.
August 16th - October 18th 2017
Class Hours- Wednesday Evenings 7pm-9:30pm

I am excited to be teaching pottery classes from my studio in White Center/ West Seattle!
Come enjoy a low-key, welcoming setting where you can learn about working with clay. These classes are small, adult, weekly sessions where a demonstration will be given at the beginning of class and then there will be independent work time with guidance offered.

With your class payment you receive access to the studio five days a week during open studio hours and one class per week on Wednesday evenings.  You may practice in the studio for as many hours during the open studio hours.

Bring your ideas and together we will take the next step toward making them real in clay.  Whether you are interested in wheel throwing or hand building, join in and be excited about working with clay!  Each class is limited to eight people, so you will receive personal instruction and pointers specific to your projects. Each class will have a demo at the beginning of class. The group's interests and projects will help direct topics covered in class. Get ready to build your tool box of tricks, have conversations about making it as an artist, and enjoy working in clay in a small, personalized setting.

The studio operates at cone six electric and this will be the only firing temp/ atmosphere offered. There are six shop glazes available for your use. Glazes or underglazes brought in from outside the studio are encouraged, but must be approved by the studio before use.  Clay must be bought in house. I will stock a cone six JG Porcelain (white clay). The cost of the clay will include firing and glazes costs. Keep in mind that while I will endeavor to fire all work made by members, the classroom is not set up as a production facility. Please join this studio wanting to learn, try new things and grow your creativity.

Cancellation Policy
Due to the small size of the class, and the difficulty of starting students after the class has started, there is no refund for participants who do not to come to class or who are unable to make use of open studio hours.  Thank you for understanding.

Class Fees
Class $325 includes your first bag of clay
Clay is $25 a bag (this includes glazes and firings)

Open Studio Hours
Tuesdays 9am-9:30pm
Wednesdays 9am-6:30pm
(class from 7pm-9:30pm)
Thursdays 9am-6:30pm
(class from 7pm-9:30pm)
Fridays 9am-9:30pm
Saturdays 9am-9:30pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays

House Rules
Bringing snacks to share is encouraged : ) Please do not share with the rats.
Please bring no children, guests, or pets to the class or open studio hours
Please no cell phone use in the studio
Please be courteous of studio hours: Arrive to class promptly and be cleaned up by closing hours.
The studio is a sacred space. Keep it clean.  Keep if full of good energy. Keep it thriving.